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Getting Started + Scheduling your First Day

Here at MDR we choose to have a low dog to supervisor ratio to keep your pups as safe as possible. In order to maintain that ratio and also ensure we give our new kiddos as much time and attention as possible, we ask that you please go through our office staff to schedule your pups first day evaluation. This ensures enough staff on that day, and a more calm day for your pup to be introduced to our pack.

Drop-off + Pick-up for Evaluations

With new evaluations, it can take a while for them to warm up and come out of their shell, so we ask that you give us enough time to properly introduce your pup to playgroups and see where they may fit best. This means an earlier drop-off and a later pick-up is typically better. This gives us enough time to fully evaluate your pup and build a relationship, even with nap time mid-day.

Alone Time

New smells, sounds, and sights can be extremely overwhelming for dogs. Even if a dog has attended daycare in another facility, they still tend to be generally freaked out by the new place for the first day. We choose to allow every new dog about 15-30mins to sniff around in a play-yard by themselves to smell, listen, and relax before trying to integrate them with our daycare crew.

Joining the Pack

Your dog likely doesn’t know any of the dogs at our facility, so this can be a very overwhelming process. We typically will ask you questions about their energy level, preferred playmates, and dislikes in play before ever trying them in a group. We then take those answers and hand-select dogs that are most likely to fit your dogs play-style and bring them in one-by-one to allow for proper and polite greetings.


Some dogs are simply more timid and fearful than others, and that is OKAY! We are here to make your dog feel as comfortable as they can be in a new and strange facility. Typically, this means one-on-one time with a staff member. Lovingly called “Claire-Care,” we will typically send miss Claire into a playard with a new pup to just sit and hang out until they are more comfortable with staff and the new environment. This may involve toys, treats, playing chase, or simply sitting on the ground and waiting.

The Results

An evaluation comes with no guarantees that your pup will be accepted into our daycare program. We are firm believers that there are no bad dogs, but the daycare environment is not the best fit for some dogs. Some dogs are made for daycare, and some dogs just simply don’t enjoy being here. We will always evaluate your pet as deeply as possible, and we will always be honest with you about your dogs feelings about daycare. Your pet’s comfort and happiness will always come first at MDR, even if that means they don’t belong in daycare. 

The evaluation day is $10.75 after tax, and that cost is not refundable if your dog is not accepted into our program.


  • Private Suites
  • Comfy raised Kuranda Dog Beds
  • All suites include private enclosed outdoor potty area *only accessible when staff is on duty
  • Room & Maid Service
  • Fresh Water always available
  • Owner lives on property with 24/7 camera monitoring 
  • Multiple outdoor fenced-in play areas
  • Climate controlled suites
  • Clean Safe Environment
  • Special Food Prep
  • Medication Administration *Extra fees do apply for medications; see more details on our Pet Enrollment Forms.
  • Trained Staff to watch and care for your pet
  • High Fencing, Double Gates
  • Social Media pictures posted each day


  • $35/night for one dog with additional dog from the same family at $30/night.
  • Free Departure Bath on the 6th night of stay.
  • Departure Bath under 6 nights - $ 25/dog depending on coat length and size of the dog.

Additional Important Info

  • All dogs must be at least 10 weeks old or had the second round of shots.
  • All dogs must be up to date on current vaccines and able to show veterinary proof of dates.
  • While we do accept un-neutered males for boarding at an additional $5/night (additional staff is required for private play-time and exercise), we do not accept un-spayed females at this time.
  • Boarding reservations must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance to drop off time.
  • Additional Fees may apply to reserve a suite during Holiday times such as Labor Day weekend, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Call us to check on availability during these times
  • Payment for boarding is expected at the time of pick up before your dog may be released to you. No exceptions
  • If your dog is too aggressive with other dogs or requires private supervised play for whatever reason, the owner will be notified and charged an additional $5 a night on their boarding fee as this also requires extra staff to provide them with adequate exercise and play

Schedule Boarding


  • Off-leash supervised playgroups
  • Healthy socialization with other dogs in a safe, clean, and fun environment
  • All day play with a mid-day nap
  • Mental and Physical Stimulation
  • Positive Enrichment
  • Lots of love and affection from our staff
  • Fresh Water always easily accessible for guests
  • Indoor and Outdoor play areas
  • Large Covered Outdoor section with giant fan for hot summer days or inclement weather
  • Multiple play areas with high fencing, double gates, and AstroTurf terrain outdoors.
  • Play groups are divided based on the dogs’ size, age, and energy level
  • Allows your fur baby to release any extra energy that could lead to negative behaviors at home
  • Socialization with other dogs and people can give your dog a well balanced mental attitude
  • Supervising staff are trained to observe and recognize particular dog behaviors to help ensure the safety and happiness of all of our furry guests as well as give their owners a peace of mind.
  • All dogs guaranteed to go home fulfilled and tired from a fun day of play at the Ranch!


*Prices listed are before tax

*We accept cash, check, card, and venmo.

  • 1 Day - $19 with additional dog from the same family being $17
  • 5 Day Package - $88.75
  • 10 Day Package -$175
  • 20 Day Package: $340
  • 30 Day Package: $495
  • First Day Evaluation - $10 ~ must be paid at time of drop off

*Packages and Evaluation Days are not eligible for refunds.

*Packages will be honored for up to one year from date of purchase.


We want all our guest to have the best possible experience while visiting the ranch and no one knows your dog better than you. Providing us with this information about your furry pal helps us place your dog in the playgroup they will be most comfortable in. Each dog will need to have their own separate applications.